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Work and Families.

Work and Families Act 2006 sets out employees rights to time off for Maternity leave, adoption Leave, Paternity Leave and Parental leave and also sets out what you must do as an employer to ensure that you are complying with this piece of legislation and providing a supportive environment for your employees with children.

Do you have this covered? Are you aware of your rights and obligations as an employer? More importantly do you have a process in place that satisfies the legislation but meets the needs of your business? Without your business your employees can't work.

The Work and Families Act also introduces a new right for carers of adults to request to work flexibly. This is effective from 6 April 2007.

Do you have the required documentation in place as required by this legislation and to provide you with protection? You should develop your own process that suits your business. If you don't and an employee wants to request flexible working, you will have to follow the process laid down in the Legislation.

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