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Fidler & Pepper HR Healthcheck.

Are you confident that all your internal HR procedures and documents are OK? Do you know that they comply with the current legislation? What if someone leaves and sets up in opposition - do your contracts cover this? The Fidler & Pepper HR Healthcheck is designed to highlight any of these problems that may affect your business.

Our healthcheck gives all your contracts and procedures the once-over - like a medical healthcheck for your business. It's an inexpensive way of making sure that things are OK.

If they aren't then we can point out the issues and give you a prioritised schedule of items and the cost of putting them right - you can then decide what and when and even if, to buy - there is no obligation on you to take things further.

It's far better for your business (and your bank balance!) to sort out these potential problems before they occur - dealing with an unfair dismissal claim or unfair competition from an ex-employee could potentially cost you far more.

What does a HR Healthcheck do?
It checks that your current contracts and supporting documents reflect and support the requirements of your business including employment legislation and ensure they provide necessary protection.
What does a HR Healthcheck NOT do?
It doesn't actually update your documents. We review what you already have, advise you of any problems, and where you need to make changes. We will then agree solutions with you, the best way to make these changes, and the time scales for them.
So why should I have a HR Healthcheck?
The information you provide for your employees and your managers will only be effective if it's up to date. The pace of change in employment law is rapid: your contracts could be out of date without you even realising, or you may have grown rapidly in size and now need employments contracts and documents that protect you more now that you have a larger workforce.
Does this affect me? I don't employ many people
If you employ more than 5 people much of the employment legislation kicks in - even if you employ less than 5 you could still benefit from the check-up on your documents and procedures.
How do I order a HR Healthcheck?
Simply Click here to email Russell Jones about the healthcheck.
How much does it cost?
It's very reasonable - we charge £250 for the initial check. If you want or need to take it further then we'll let you know in advance the cost and agree that with you before doing anything more. Please also note you are under no obligation to do anything more.