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Pay As You Go Legal

What is it?

This is a new service - as far as we know we're the first in the UK to offer this. Basically it works much like a pay as you go mobile telephone - you top-up your credits and then use them when you call for advice. It allows you to budget with confidence and have access to a solicitor at discounted rates.

We've pulled together some of the frequently asked questions below

How do I get this service?
First you need to register on the site - you can register here. Registration is free and just involves giving some basic contact details.

How do I get the legal advice?
You have a choice - you can either put details of your problem into an on-line form - we aim to respond within an hour OR if you'd rather speak to someone we can deal with it over the phone (during office hours). To get the telephone advice you just enter your phone number on the site and you will normally be called back within about 30 seconds.

What can you advise me on?
Most things really - anything covered on this web site can be provided through the PAYGLegal system. Generally it is at it's best when used for one-off pieces of advice - "I've got a problem with a car I bought - can I reject it and claim my money back?", or "I'm likely to have to make some people redundant at work - what do I need to be aware of?" Some things you ask about will be impossible to deal with over the phone - we'll need to start a case for you. If this does happen then we also give you a discount on our charge-out rates for the first hour of work carried out.

How much will the advice cost?
This depends on who is speaking to you - the amount charged will vary according to how experienced or qualified they are within the firm. the rates we charge are reviewed each year

How much discount do I get?
We give a discount of 10% on the normal charge-out rates. the exact amount depends on the charge-out rate of the person you're speaking to.

How do I top-up my account?
You'll need to have an account with us first, but if you've got one top up your account online (payments are taken via paypal). If you haven't got an account yet then Click here to register for one. There is a limit on the amount that you can top up your account in one go - currently this is set at £200.

How do I know how much I've spent/got left?
This is the clever bit - You can always log onto your own part of the website to check your current balance. Each time you receive advice over the phone however we'll automatically email you an up to date statement showing the history on your account. That statement contains links to VAT invoices that you can print out if you need or want them

Do I earn interest on the money I've deposited with you?
Sorry but no - it's not meant as a savings account - it's a way to control your spend on legal services and get a discounted rate

Click here to register for this service (registration is quick and free)