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What is a Help to Buy ISA?

A Help to Buy ISA is a new type of ISA which have been created to help first-time buyers save for a deposit for their home. As you are busy saving for your deposit you’ll receive a helping hand from the government to boost your savings amount and help you to get onto the housing ladder. The government will add a generous 25% on to your savings, up to a maximum of £3,000 on savings of £12,000 (this is per first time buyer. So, if you and your Partner both open an account you could receive up to £6,000 on top of your own savings).

Find out more and get organised!

As soon as you decide you want to start saving for your first home you need to set up an ISA account with your bank. This means you start saving as soon as possible as the more money you save the more you will benefit from the scheme.

Make sure you know the limits of the scheme

  • The government boosts your savings by 25% (i.e. a bonus of £50 for every £200 you save)
  • You can save up to £200 per month
  • The maximum bonus you can claim is £3,000 so to get the best bonus you would need to save £12,000
  • The house you purchase must cost a maximum of £250,000 (or £450,000 in London)


When you have found a house to buy…Tell us you hold a HTB ISA as soon as possible. Our initial information forms will ask you about this

  • Complete the forms we send you

Once we are aware you wish to take advantage of the scheme, we will send you a form to complete giving us information about your ISA account and asking for your authority to apply for the bonus on your behalf.

  • Go to your bank to close the account before completion happens (we will talk to you about this)

Your money will be sent to another account for you. You will need to instruct your bank that you wish to close the account and they will transfer your savings into another account of your choosing. They will then provide you with a closing statement.

  • Provide us with the closing statement

We need to submit this to the government website to prove to them the amount of savings you had in your ISA.

We will submit your signed authority form and closing statement to government website with a request for funds a few days before you complete your purchase and you will receive a letter from the government, through us, confirming the bonus has been approved and is being transferred to us.

  • We will ask you for your deposit less the sum we expect to receive from scheme

Don’t worry if this means you have less than a 10% deposit. Most sellers will agree to a lower deposit in these circumstances. You will receive statements from us showing the bonus sum we expect to receive.

  • We receive the HTB Bonus before completion and use this towards the purchase price.


If you are a first time buyer and you’re interested in a Help to Buy ISA…

We have a specialist team who have processed hundreds of Help to Buy ISA’s and would be happy to help you with any questions you may have. Simply call us on 01623 45 11 11.

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Naomi Mather – Conveyancing Fee Earner

When I was asked to write a blog on why Fidler and Pepper a great place to work, I initially started to write in the way I would normally, I could tell you about Pension contributions, holidays, childcare vouchers, corporate gym memberships, paid for Christmas parties, etc but so could most other firms!  As I wrote I realised that’s not why Fidler & Pepper is a great place to work…

Life before Fidler & Pepper

Before I found my way to Fidler & Pepper I had previously worked in a number of firms, including a highly stressful environment, a company where I felt little support was given, and I felt a constant fear of being sued, fired or just not being good enough. I didn’t find this a healthy atmosphere for the workers and therefore not good for customer service. I found that things took a long time, and unnecessarily time consuming procedures were in place. Going to work was not something I looked forward to.

I’d heard great things…

I applied for a job at Fidler & Pepper simply based on their reputation as a good employer (and on looking at their website, the way they seemed happy to poke fun at even themselves!) I know the grass isn’t always greener, I have heard it all before; and that’s right, the grass wasn’t greener….. It wasn’t even green! It was blue and yellow and red and a rainbow of colours made up of the people of Mansfield and the surrounding areas; people working hard for their clients while also at least appearing like they were having an amazing time. This couldn’t be right could it?

…turned out it was.

It was a whole new world!

As I settled in at Fidler and Pepper I noticed that everyone was treated equally, from the newest apprentice to the longest standing supervisor. The Partners and Heads of department were approachable and kind and didn’t even have separate offices! They sat with us, the worker bees in an open plan office space and seemed to be actually normal people!  They supported everyone, whether it is with a legal question about their job or if they were just having a meltdown because the kids had played up over breakfast!

You can be happy at work!

Employees did work hard and work was getting done, at an astonishing rate in fact, but in a happy jovial atmosphere where everyone joined in with chats and arguments alike. Most importantly for me, I felt that (and have been told as much in fact) Fidler & Pepper had my back and I could relax and get on with trying to do the best job I could for my clients and they would always support me.

A happy place to work makes happy staff

Because employee retention is so important, many of the staff here have been with them for years and some since they left school. There are many and varied training opportunities to develop what could start out as a job into a fulfilling legal career.

How to look after your staff…

If you want a bit of spin, then I can tell you that our IT systems and case management are second to none and this means that my job is ten times easier to do and I am able to do twice the amount of work in half the time. New initiatives are looked at all the time to make the workplace  happier, most recently for us, this included a bonus scheme for meeting targets, fruit baskets in every department and a half day off on your birthday which have all been met with enthusiasm from staff members.

In short, Fidler & Pepper’s main argument for how they work and how they treat their staff is that happy staff make happy clients, and I for one, cannot disagree!

…Oh and we have a flexi-time scheme too if you’re interested…

Want to find out more about Fidler & Pepper?

Have a browse around our site www.fidler.co.uk and get a flavour of who we are and what we do. Or if you would like to see our staff benefits and vacancies visit us at https://www.fidler.co.uk/people/careers.cfm

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