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Solar Panel Leases – as a homeowner what you need to know

Solar Panels

 I blogged last week about a how enforceable a lease was from an installers perspective.  It occurred to me however that it might be an idea to blog about it from the perspective of someone getting the panel installed.

1. As a homeowner it is likely that your property will be mortgaged. Your agreement with your lender will stipulate that you must seek your lenders permission before you carry out any alterations to the property. Installing the panels would certainly be considered an alteration so you should seek your lenders approval;

2. Consider who will be paying your legal fees and whether you need independent advice.  Most leases are will be standard but it is always a good idea to have the lease checked;

3. You should ask that the installer is accredited with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme;

4. You will require evidence that the proper installation and all relevant consents for the installation have been obtained;

5. The agreement and lease should cater for the removal of the panels and repairs etc;

6. You should inform your building insurers of the installation;

7. Most importantly your lender will want a sufficient break clause to be inserted into the lease to govern when things go wrong.

Although the installation of panels may seem like a good idea you should make sure you consider all the documentation before you sign it.  If you require any assistance with the above or are considering entering into such a scheme please contact me on wjames@fidler.co.uk or visit our website for other blogs written on this topic.

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