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Happy New Year to you! Thinking about the year ahead?

As we step into a New Year, it can be a time of reflection. After
celebrating and spending time with family over Christmas, you might be
thinking about what the future will hold.

Should your New Years Resolution be to get your affairs in order?

Regardless of your age, planning ahead and putting your wishes in place will
provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones. That will certainly lift
those January blues, when the highs of Christmas are over. Creating a Will
or a Power of Attorney may seem like an odd way to shake away the January
blues, but you could be ensuring the future of your loved ones – whatever
your wishes, will be granted.

Could 2018 be the year that you buy your dream home?

Maybe you’ve been thinking of moving house¬†and 2018 might be
the year to take action. Once you find that perfect property, we can
certainly help you with the legal side of things. Our specialist,
Conveyancing team will look after the legal (and sometimes stressful) side
of your move. We work to get things moving for you, whilst you can get on
with packing your boxes and choosing your wallpaper! Our experienced and
award-winning Conveyancing team will manage everything from searches,
deposits and signing contracts, to Exchange and final Completion. Fidler &
Pepper have a dedicated team and we’ll keep you updated 24/7 with our
secure, online case tracker.

Need a helping hand or a chat with one of our team?

If you’d like to get your affairs in order or have plans to buy, sell or
remortgage your property then come and see one of our specialist team.
Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01623 45 11 11 or visit www.fidler.co.uk

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Probate    1 Comment

It’s that time of year again – season of goodwill to all men – unless of course you’re about to move house, split up from your partner, or die.

People are often surprised to learn that some of our work is seasonal – thinking that apart from major disasters it must just trickle along from month to month.

Actually many areas we deal with are very seasonal.

Conveyancing – moving house
Take conveyancing for example – it normally starts to build momentum towards the end of January, developing into a bit of a springtime boom; then it drops away in the summer when people go on holiday. September comes and we see another burst, and around this time of year Christmas itself is the huge factor. Almost every conversation we’ve had with conveyancing clients over the last month will have featured those three little words “in by Christmas”

Basically all the purchases that would have completed at the end of December or in the first 2 weeks in January will usually try and get completed by Christmas. In some ways that would be nice – in your new home in time for the festive season; in other ways it’s not so good – everything you need to live on is still in cardboard boxes – you don’t know where the tea-bags are – let alone the Christmas presents. As well as clients wanting to be in before the big day we also come under pressure from Estate Agents who want to get as many completions through as possible before their year-end. It usually means that December is a bit of a mad month for us. Hopefully by today we should have received the last of the new instructions where people want to get in by Christmas – it’s not really possible at this stage.

Matrimonial – splitting up, divorce and so on
December is not really any busier than other months in the family department (although we are very busy at the moment) – the big rush tends to come in January. It’s a sad fact that divorces always rise in the new year – people come together for Christmas and the pressure of being together for a longish period can highlight problems that were already there. As we go into the new year people often decide ‘new year, new start’ and come to see us about a divorce.

Probate – wills – generally people dying
It’s a fact of life (and death) that a cold spell usually increases the number of people dying of age-related illnesses. There seems to be another factor however – that of hanging on – it seems that the number of new probate instructions we get almost always rises in January – regardless of the weather. I can’t say why this is other than speculating that people may somehow hold on until Christmas – seeing the family one last time, and then pass on afterwards. It’s a bit of a grim thought really, but I’m afraid it does seem to be true. It’s all the more reason to make sure you make the effort at Christmas and see all your relatives.

Finally – Office Parties
We’re right in the middle of the office party season at the moment – I can’t wait for ours, which we usually have on the 23rd. If you’re after legal advice on coping with the office party then you’re probably going into it in the wrong frame of mind – it’s really not a good time to let people know how you really feel. Over the last few years there have been a number of court cases arising from incidents at office parties – it’s really not a good time to make career-changing decisions.

I’m really really looking forward to Christmas – I love the feeling of just relaxing for a week or so, and it’s nice spending time with the kids. I read something recently saying that instead of resenting the winter and dark evenings, we should embrace it instead – enjoying the darkness, and get cosy at home. I’d go along with that.

I hope you have a happy Christmas and a great new year



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