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Corey Else began his career as an apprentice at Fidler & Pepper Lawyers. So how has it been so far, and would he recommend apprenticeships for everyone?

I chose an apprenticeship over college because I knew I didn’t want to be stuck behind a desk for another two to four years. I wanted something more proactive where I could also be earning a wage. After finishing school, the idea of then going on to college just wasn’t something that interested me.

I originally wanted an apprenticeship in Business Admin but then I came across Fidler & Pepper, and even though I wasn’t looking for an apprenticeship in the legal sector, I fell on my feet as I now love what I do. The firm has a good local reputation so I was excited to be considered and then just had so many opportunities to learn and develop.

At Fidler & Pepper Lawyers you may start in office admin but can have the opportunity to work in Private Client, IT, Accounts, reception, or Conveyancing. In Conveyancing you could work in New Business, then transfer to support a team, then have your own caseload.

People think to do well in law you need a law degree but this isn’t the case and college/university isn’t for everyone so it’s great that you can work and learn and progress.

Fidler & Pepper is a very supportive firm, especially with their apprentices – ensuring that they receive the training and time to enable them to develop within their roles or move onto other roles.

We have one-to-one training, workshops, quizzes to support with training, group training sessions – all of which are equally important. Fidler & Pepper is a modern company that wants to grow its own staff and give people such great opportunities. We have flexi-time, fruit delivered, pizza days – in fact, it’s just a great place to work.

I worked in office admin as an apprentice and soon moved on to Post Completion – helping to set up a team. I then worked supporting teams learning all aspects of Conveyancing.  I then worked closely with a Fee Earner with my own caseload as an Assistant.

Since last December, I have had a caseload as a Trainee Fee Earner and am currently studying to become a Conveyancing Technician. Once qualified, in March, I will then go on to start my training to become a Licenced Conveyancer. My aim over time would be to be working with our biggest referrers and helping to develop our positive relationships with them.

I don’t know if an apprenticeship would suit everybody, but it has suited me. And I do know that if someone wants to progress well in their career, Fidler & Pepper genuinely provides a really good career path.

To find out about our current job opportunities, take a look at our current vacancies

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It was a proud moment for us when we were recognised for our work with apprentices by winning the Apprentice Employer of the Year award last week at the Nottingham Post Business awards. We first started offering apprenticeships in 2002 and since then more than 20 people have successfully progressed through our  schemes.

 Mark Slade, our Managing Partner, said:  “This is such a proud moment for me, and for the firm as a whole. Growing our own team is part of who we are and why we continue to grow and progress as a firm. It’s not about ticking boxes or hitting targets; it’s about offering work-based learning to people who can make a difference.”

 “And make a difference they certainly do. We have people who have completed their apprenticeships and have gone on to more senior roles here at Fidler & Pepper. So, when we say this award is a team effort, we really mean it.”

Wendy Walker, our Conveyancing Operations Manager said: “We’re so proud of the amazing group of apprentices we have the pleasure to work with every single day. It’s so rewarding to watch local, young people follow a fantastic career path.”

One of our apprentices Lucy Cowe, a recent Apprentice of the Year winner, said: “An apprenticeship is perfect for me and I love working here. The award is brilliant news and well deserved.”

Recruiting, training and developing apprentices is at the heart of our ‘grow our own’ people development strategy and we are proud of the people we have working for us and how much they have developed. We will continue to support our staff and provide training opportunities as this supports our great people and makes business sense.


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At Fidler & Pepper we focus on developing careers

We recruit, train and retain our staff as part of our ‘Grow Our Own’ people development strategy. Put simply, that means we like to recruit the very best staff and help them to grow and develop to meet their own career goals and to support our business goals. We have a structured development plan which allows members of our team to move up and across to other roles and this is supported by internal and external training and nationally recognised qualifications. We’re really pleased to say that we have a lot of staff that have joined us and are now progressing through the business.

We have a commitment to supporting apprenticeships

Over the years more than 30 of our staff have successfully completed apprenticeships gaining over 50 qualifications between them. Currently we have 8 apprentices across our business (Our wonderful apprentices are pictured above) working hard to support all of our departments.  Over the past couple of years we have had 4 apprentices who have been recognised as winners and finalists in various apprentice of the year awards. One of our current apprentices Lucy Cowe is a current finalist in both the CT Skills Made in the Midlands Apprentice of the Year award and the Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 Business awards. Fingers crossed for Lucy and thank you for your hard work!

We’re always on the look out for great people!

We offer a variety of roles from legal roles to business support roles and at Fidler & Pepper we aim to create a great place to work and provide training and development opportunities for our staff. Our staff development motto is Happy Staff = Happy clients as we know that happy staff provide a positive service to our clients, which makes clear business sense!

Check out our vacancies

If you’re interested in working for Fidler & Pepper then check out our current vacancies!  If you want to apply for a position with us then your C.V. needs to stand out. Below are some useful tips, particularly if this will be your first ever role – we understand it can be daunting, but these tips will help;

Use a simple C.V. format

Be specific, what are your skills and how do they suit the role?

Use examples; when have you solved problems? Managed a situation?

List your achievements – you should be proud of them, let people know!

Be truthful

Ensure you have the correct contact details listed

Another top tip is, if you have an outdated, or immature email e.g. spidermanrocks@gmail.com, change it to your name, e.g. peter.parker08@gmail.com

Always include a cover letter

We look forward to hearing from you

If you have any questions simply give us a call on 01623 45 11 11 or alternatively,  if you’re making an application for one of our current job roles then we look forward to hearing from you!

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The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) have reported this month that the low interest rates mean that first time buyers could be paying the lowest amount of interest on a mortgage since January 2004.


Previously first time buyers have been paying 20% of their income on mortgage interest this has now dropped to 12.3%.


Despite the CML report that lending activity in October 2011 dropped to 44,500 loans from the 48,200 loans advanced in September 2011.


It is likely however that first time buyer activity will increase in the New Year due to the government’s stamp duty concession ending in March 2012.


There appears to be no better time for first time buyers to take their first steps onto the property ladder.


No doubt we will see a rush of first time buyers entering the market in the New Year, all wanting to ensure that that take advantage of the stamp duty concession and the continuing low interest mortgage rates available.


If you do decide to buy a property please contact us for a competitive conveyancing quote. With our online case management system and dedicated team working for you, you can be assured that we will do our best to get your house purchase moving.


Christie Limb




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Any suggestions for first time buyers is welcomed at the moment so it was with interest that we saw the Housing Minister Grant Shapps announce, at his 2nd first time buyer’s summit earlier this week, that: “Banks should offer ‘mates mortgages’ to help groups of friends buy a home together.” He went on to urge lending giants to send a lifeline to the record numbers of first-time buyers struggling to get on the property ladder. The housing minister said that “without urgent help from banks a generation of young people would be locked out of the market.”
The answer, he suggested, was a radical and new type of lending that he called ‘mates mortgages’”, and then added: “If there are mates who are perfectly capable of paying monthly mortgage payments but are struggling to fund a deposit of their own, there should be straightforward options to unite with their friends and take the first step on to the housing ladder together.”
The subsequent media coverage, however, went on to point out that Britannia is one of only a small number of lenders to offer a mortgage that allows friends to buy together. Its Share to Buy scheme, launched in July 2004, takes into account the incomes of up to four people. But just 1,300 customers have signed up so far.

It was also disappointing that the response from commentators was quick to raise the risks involved and once again makes me realise so much of the media coverage of this first time buyer market is negative because the media continue to talk it down.
Clearly any group of friends thinking of buying together need to discuss the situation with experts and take all the legal steps necessary to protect themselves. For example, they need to ensure they all sign a Deed of Trust. To help bring co-buyers together and guide them through the process Propertymates has a number of useful guides. We all hope young buyers will take a look at the co-buyer option and get away from the dead end of renting.

Guest Blog by Propertymates – For more information see Propertymates.co.uk ‘Turning dreams of ownership into reality’

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There was a time when every Englishman’s home, however modest, was his castle. Since the banking crisis, with its knock-on effect of mortgage drought and demands for huge first-time buyer deposits, those days are rapidly becoming a distant memory.

According to a recent survey by the Halifax, nearly half of those who described themselves as having a realistic plan to buy within the next three to five years said they were unable to put aside enough for a down payment.

So for the foreseeable future, many are resigned to renting.

“A generation of young people and young families are being locked out of the housing market without a hope of ever sharing in the asset wealth of the generation before.”
Adam Sampson, CEO, Shelter

But there is an alternative way to access the housing market, by buying with a friend. Buying with friends goes under a variety of names, co-buying, joint ownership or shared mortgage.

For first-time buyers, joint ownership can make financial sense, as long as it’s treated as a business deal with a pre-agreed exit strategy.

At a time when a lack of mortgages is stopping first-time buyers entering the market; joining forces can be a sensible way to ‘break the renting chain’. By buying with one or more friends, one can multiply borrowing power and multiply total budget (for anything from legal fees to decorating and renovating). However, for anyone considering co-buying, the importance of a transparent, open relationship is vital.

It goes without saying, that before entering a joint ownership agreement you need to be confident that you’ve found the right joint owner.

Start by chatting through the pros and cons of sharing a mortgage. Draw up a list of ‘what ifs’ and what you would if those circumstances arose. Be sure to discuss what happens when one, both or all of you want to move on. Once you’ve reached an agreement amongst yourselves, find a reliable solicitor like Fidler & Pepper to draw up a legally binding co-ownership contract (Deed of Trust).

What next? – So the financial opportunity is available. All you have to do is find your co-buyer.
But not everyone has friends who are able to join a group mortgage, so a site where like-minded people share their goals and aspirations is ideal. This is where Propertymates.co.uk comes in. Our aim is to help match co-buyers and property investors online.
Propertymates has guides to , co-renting (make sure that you can live together before you buy), deed of trust and much more to help you climb the property ladder with confidence.

There’s never been a time when it has been more obvious that co-buying is the answer.

Tips for co-buyers
Shop around for a mortgage look for deals specifically designed for joint ownership
Keep paperwork in order and make sure contracts are seen and signed by all.
Set up a joint bank account for mortgage and joint payments.
To avoid confusion, draw up an inventory of who owns what in the house.

Guest Blog by Propertymates – For more information see Propertymates.co.uk ‘Turning dreams of ownership into reality’


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Although I previously blogged about the level of property transactions historically being higher (and therefore will return to those levels once the banks release their stranglehold on lending), some people have speculated that we’re in for a sea-change – that our national persona as a ‘nation of home-owners’ is about to change.

The theory goes that it’s only us brits that are obsessed with home-ownership and that on the continent they are quite happy renting for life. They use this their as an argument that the housing market has changed forever (the articles sometimes go on to talk about a plague of locusts, fire and pestilence, sometimes they aren’t so cheerful) and a new breed of young people are growing up that just want to rent ‘for lifestyle reasons’.

This theory has been blown out of the water by research published yesterday which shows that almost all people (90%) under 30 want to make buying a home a top priority, and don’t want to settle for long-term renting.

The poll, conducted independently for Barratt Homes, of 2,465 consumers of all ages, reveals that this age group are more opposed than any other to ‘continental’ models of tenure in which families routinely rent for the duration of their adult lives. A majority (64%) also do not want to start a family while they are renting and 43% do not want to get married until they own their own home.

The poll also suggests that tensions between different generations and long-term social problems will result if young people continue to be locked out of home ownership.

This perhaps reveals a good opportunity in the market for lenders wishing to target younger borrowers, if they are prepared to be more flexible on the rates charged.

This is echoed by Mark Clare, chief executive of Barratt Developments, who said: “Without doubt, making mortgage finance more readily available to credit-worthy first-time buyers should be top of the list. It cannot be right that people in their 30s with good jobs and good credit histories are having mortgage applications turned down.”

“I am pleased the Government has rightly identified this as an urgent problem and is meeting the banks to assess what can be done.”

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