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New award for online case tracker

Quicker conveyancing

I was delighted last week to receive an award at the Lawnet annual conference for our new casetracking system. The award was for the best use of IT, and it’s the second time we’ve won it in the last 3 years (and yes – other firms do enter it).

The new system was developed after we stepped back and looked at how clients want to see their cases. From feedback we’d received on the old system (we were the first firm in the UK to provide online case tracking – back in 1998!) we realised that clients wanted the information quicker, that they wanted to see everything in one place, and that they wanted to view all the relevant stuff on the file straight away.

The new system has tried to answer all these requirements:-

– Everything that’s happened on the files is gathered together in date order regardless of whether that was a step we’ve marked off on our systems, a document received in or sent out, or a file note or email sent in or out.

– The new systems is REAL TIME – so it’s like you’re looking over our shoulder at your file.

– Documents can now be looked at – not only the documents we’ve sent out, but also anything that’s come in to the office (we scan in all our incoming poast and have done so for the last few years)

On top of all this we put a picture of the actual person who’s actuing for you at the top of the page – so you can see the human being that is looking after you.

The feedback we’ve received so far has been great. We had a really good illustration of how useful it can be 2 days after making it live. Dawn had scanned her post in so she could work on it. By the time she walked from the scanner to her desk she got an email from a client who had been checking his file and saw that we’d got a letter in from the buyers solicitors asking a bunch of questions. He immediately emailed Dawn with the answers to the questions – before she’d even had a chance to ask him!

The case tracker can be used in all parts of the firm – not just conveyancing.

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