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Property market still doing well (but dont tell anyone!)


I met an estate agent friend last week – I’ve not seen him for about a year. It was nice to catch up and se how things are going – he’s about 20 miles away from us. Things are going Ok for him, and gradually improving. As we got talking it through it seems that the number of properties being sold are up about 30-45% on the same time last year – a substantial increase in the volume of jobs going through. I thought this was brilliant news – a good sign that things are on the up.

I know he’s red hot on sending out press releases to the local media so I asked what he’d made of this good news. He said he can’t get a story like that into the media because it doesn’t fit with the prevailing view that things are dire and not likely to improve. Our own figures back up what he as saying – the number of jobs passing through is about 36% up on the year to date in 2010. It seems utterly amazing to me that real genuine property news from people at the sharp end won’t be put in the media because it doesn’t coincide with the popular story. Yet on the other hand doom-mongers predicting the end of the world get more column inches than you can shake a stick at.

If the Murdoch/phone hacking story leads to any change in newspaper reporting in the UK, lets hope it leads to a bit of good news for a change. There’s plenty out there but to open a newspaper you wouldn’t believe it. I won’t hold my breath though.

Oh and one more thing – I’m talking about a rise in number of transactions – not house prices. But it’s the number of transactions that’s actually more important to the economy – every time someone moves this results in a flurry of new carpets, curtains, DIY, electrical and plumbing work.

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