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Property market update


I nearly choked on my tea when I looked at the number of new jobs during August 2011.  It is highest equal month since April 2008.
The figure is 108% up on the new jobs last August 2010.
This is cold hard data and not opinion or supposition. The same cold hard data that saw the market  plunge into turmoil back in the latter  part of 2007 and took grip in 2008 and then flatlined for 2009,2010 but improve in 2011.
Anecdotally I saw a friend at the weekend who showed us the property of her dreams on Rightmove only to email me yesterday to say that it had sold (North Allerton) and my friends in New Zealand who have been on the market for most of the year sold their property in West Bridgford over the weekend. 
The Press will continue to talk about double dips but often the reports are generated from historic data and driven by other pressures such as selling newspapers or overly focusing on particular sectors of the economy.  
I am at the coal face and things are looking and feeling different.
Let’s hope it continues.      

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