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Renting your roof space out

Solar Panels

Further to my last blog on the benefits of installing solar panels on your roof and renting out the roof space there has been some futher developments.

The Energy Savings Trust (“EST”) had previously estimated the savings to households at around £120 annually but recent investigation by the EST has shown savings to be significantly less.

This could have an impact on the schemes (as mentioned in my previous blog) where you rent out roof space in return for all the electricity you can use as householders may now be reluctant to lock the property into a scheme where the savings are not that significant.

In addition the estimates that are provided do not always take into account the area in which the panels are going to be installed. This is further backed up by a Which investigation which confirmed that careful consideration should be given when calculating how long it would take for the system to pay for itself.

More than 28,000 households installed solar panels in the last financial year, with the number growing by 1,000 homes each week so there is still clearly market for this type of product and scheme.

The key factor is for many people schemes such as the above can be mutually beneficial but time should be spent working out the figures before you take the plunge.

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