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Thinking of Buying Land?








People purchase land for many different reasons, be it an extension for their garden, somewhere to keep horses or to build their dream home in the middle of the countryside. Sounds straightforward? Well yes as long as you do your homework.

 Things to consider


 Sounds obvious but you would be amazed at how many sellers and buyers do not have a plan in place. Make sure that before a deal is struck both parties agree a plan that is drawn to a correct scale, has a north point and clearly shows a continuous red outline of the land that is being transferred. The Land Registry has excellent guidance on their website for the type of plans that will be acceptable.

 2. Restrictions and Rights

 Have a think about what rights you will need to be granted to enjoy the land. Will you need access rights, will you need to connect into the utilities? Not so much of an issue if you are only using it as an extension to your garden, but more important if you are planning on building on the land.

 If you are selling the land what restrictions to you want to impose on the land e.g. what do you not want the buyer to use the land for. If you want an uninterrupted view of the countryside you may want to consider placing a restriction preventing building on the land.

 3. Overage or Clawback Agreement

 If the land is sold with no planning permission but the Buyer wants to share in any potential increase in value if permission is subsequently obtained then you will need to put provision in the transfer that allows a payment to be made once this is obtained.

 4. Legal Title

 Investigate the legal title carefully. If you are purchasing the land for developing there may be pre-existing restrictions that prevent building. This will be enforceable irrespective of whether you are able to get planning permission. Depending on the age of the restriction indemnity purchase amoxicillin without prescription insurance may be available.

 If you are considering purchasing land and what an informal chat expanding on the points above, give me a call on 01623 338317 or alternatively drop me an email at wjames@fidler.co.uk.   Our website also has guidance and further blogs on related subjects.

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