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Debt Collection

Debt Recovery / Collection:

Debt Recovery - Legal Help & Advice

Our debt collection department has been helping clients for over 40 years, so with our wealth of experience we can help you with anything from simple money debts to larger business debts.

We act quickly and offer you a cost effective service. Whilst each matter is individual we do understand the importance of having fixed costs for chasing debts and we promise that we never charge commission for recovering debts and only charge you the fees which we agree with you.

Commercial Debt Recovery
We know not all businesses run smoothly all of the time and the majority will experience debt problems from customers at some stage. We understand that is can cause serious problems for you with cash flow, supplier relationships and the time taken to try and resolve these issues. We can help your business in this situation with our cost effective Debt Recovery service.

Debt Charges
An example of our standard charges are:
First chasing letter - £15 plus VAT no matter the size of the debt we are chasing. From experience we have found that sometimes all it takes is one letter from a solicitor and the debt can be repaid.

If the debt is not repaid after a first letter then we will pursue the following at a fixed price for you:

Issue of proceedings to admission
  • • Bailiff's warrant
  • • Sheriff's officer
  • • Charging order on property
  • • Oral examination
  • • Third party money order

We will ensure a claim for interest is made to you by your debtor on your debt - whether at a standard rate of 8% or at your contractual rate pre-arranged with the debtor.

Disputed Debts
These happen occasionally and when they do, we can either supply you with our FREE DIY package or deal with the matter for you to a final hearing. Prices for this service vary according to the case and complexity and estimates can be provided on request, once the defence is filed.

For more information and costs please contact Sarah Hill on 01623 448 308 or Russell Jones 01623 448 304 or by email to debt@fidler.co.uk . Offices in Mansfield and Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire

For further advice and information on debt recovery see the Business Link website.