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From Acquisition to Plot Sale and Everything In-between

Land Buying Process

We manage the land buying process through the legal stages (freehold or leasehold) once the land has been sourced for Development.

Development Set Up

Once the site is ready we work closely with the Developer to prepare the paperwork, tailoring the documentation to reflect the specifics of each individual site. This is whilst also dealing with road and sewer agreements, substation transfers, Deeds of easements (open space management and overage requirements where applicable).

Plot Sales and Purchases

Our team is well structured to enable us to manage high volume plot sales and part exchanges (both freehold and leasehold sites), developer investment schemes and the Government Help to buy scheme. We consistently meet Developer’s financial targets by using effective processes and innovative technology from receipt of reservation to Completion as quickly as we can.

All of Our Legal Services

• Land Acquisition

• Development Site Set Up

• Sale and Purchases of Properties

• Freehold and Leasehold Sales

• Part Exchange and Affordable Housing

• Sharing Schemes and the Help to Buy Scheme

• Funding Agreements

• Option and Overage Requirements

• Public Open Space Agreements

• Road Adoption and Sewer Agreements

• Deeds of Easements

• Transfer of Substations

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