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Closed for training on 06/10/2021, reopening at 9am on 07/09/2021

Closed for training on 06/10/2021, reopening at 9am on 07/09/2021

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The Conveyancing Association Pledges

It's about treating customers fairly.

We are proud to be one of the founder members of the Conveyancing Association - an organisation aimed at serious conveyancers.

As a member of the Conveyancing Association (CA), we are proud to support and uphold
the CA Pledges which are designed to make the process of buying a house smoother and more
efficient for our clients and partners elsewhere in the transaction.

The Pledges, which were launched in December 2012, are the conveyancing industry’s first ever set of customer service commitments that go above and beyond existing regulations and accreditation schemes.

The Pledges ensure that as a CA member, we provide our customers with the transparent, efficient and professional service that home-buyers should expect when making one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

The Pledges are as follows:

  1. Quality of service
    Members will provide a first rate conveyancing service to all clients, regardless of the value of the instructions
  2. Client satisfaction
    Members will ensure that its clients are satisfied with their service by requesting and acting on client feedback
  3. Efficient processes
    Members will work to cut out delays in the conveyancing process and take steps to ensure that transactions run as smoothly as possible
  4. Title and registration
    Members will ensure that property is acquired with a good and marketable title and promptly registered at the Land Registry
  5. Combating fraud
    Members will take pro-active steps to protect mortgage funds and combat mortgage and property fraud
  6. Mutual support and trusted community
    Members will work towards a trusted community of conveyancers through mutual support and information sharing between members


Further details can be found on the Conveyancing Association website and you can also see some more detail on the pledges: