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Our Cookie policy

This page sets out our cookie policy.

We principally use two types of cookie within the firm. One is used to store small pieces of data about visitors to our website in order to make your experience of the website that bit better, and the others are kept in a tin in the next room.

The first type of cookies - data collection:-

The main way we use cookies on the site is to record whether or not you have previously had a conveyancing quote from our web site. This makes sure that if you quote again we quote the same figures. In addition however there are certain parts of the site that involve you logging in with a username and password. These include the LiveTrack Case Tracker, and our Pay As You Go Law facilty. While you are logged in to these areas cookies are used to make that you are who you say you are - and to log you out if nothing happens on the screen for a while.

We don't use cookies to advertise to you, or to look at what you have done on other web sites. We don't give information about you to other web sites either.

The Second type of Cookie - in the red tin:-

We have a variety of cookies in the red tin - although technically most of them are biscuits. They tend to remain there until moments of weakness, when an apple just won't do, and are usually accompanied by a nice cup of tea. We also know a song about cookies.....