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Pay As You Go Divorce

Pay As You Go Divorce:

Making your divorce more affordable

As well as the emotional stress we also want to help you with the financial stress a divorce can cause so we are now able to offer you our Pay As You Go Divorce service. This unique facility allows you to spread the cost of your divorce over 10 easy to manage payments and puts you in control of your case. All your payments are made by you over the internet using PayPal and you will receive SMS text and email reminders to alert you when the next payment is due. You can even put your case on hold (subject to certain restrictions).

By using our Pay As You Go Divorce Service you will still have access to our specialist Family Law team who have many years experience in all issues surrounding divorce.  We will advise you fully, act promptly and keep you informed at every stage.

Whether you want a quick chat to find out your rights or you need urgent action, then please do not hesitate to contact our family department.  Or call us on 01623 45 11 11 for more information.

We offer a first 30 minute FREE consultation and 8:30am and 5pm appointment times.



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Pay As You Go Divorce - Frequently Asked Questions:-

How much will my payments be?
This depends on whether or not you are entitled to a remission of the court fees - which in turn will depend on your income. We can work this out for you at the start*. Whatever the total comes to we divide that by 10 and that is the amount of your monthly payments.

How do I pay?
All payments are made online. Once you have been set up with a username and password you will be able to access the online system which shows how much each payment will be and the date on which it is due. You can always make the next payment from that page using PayPal - the online payment system.

I haven't got PayPal - is that a problem?
That doesn't matter. You can create a paypal account for free, and making payment via paypal is completely free to you. If you'd still rather not do that then paypal lets you make a payment using your credit card without becoming a paypal member.

When do I pay?
When we set the system up you can select the date of the first payment - after that payments are due on that same date each month.

How do I remember when to pay?
You'll get a reminder via SMS text to your mobile phone and also via email the day before the payment is due, and a second reminder the day after the payment is due.

What happens if I stop paying?
That's not a problem but we will hold fire on your case until you are ready to start paying again. If you haven't made a payment 7 days after the due date then you'll get an SMS text message and email confirming that we are putting your case on ice until payments recommence. We then need to know what you are intending to do. If you want to put everything on hold then let us know. If we don't hear from you within the following 14 days then we will let the court know that we are no longer acting for you.
I stopped paying for a while- what happens when I start paying again?
We start work on your case again. Also the payment schedule that was worked out originally will be automatically recalculated from the date you recommence payments (i.e. at monthly intervals from the date you recommenced payments)
Are payments linked to certain actions?
At certain stages we will need to make payments to the court of the court fees. We need to make sure we've had enough payments from you by that stage to at least cover the cost of those fees
What does it look like?

This looks after my payments - what about my case - can I see how that's going?
Yes - by registering for Pay As You Go Divorce you will also have access to our Livetrack case tracker - that allows you to check the progress of your case 24/7. Unlike other systems out there this is a real-time report on your case - it's like you are sat next to us at our desk! Whatever we can see - you can see. All the documents that have been sent out and come in to your case can be viewed by you as soon as we have sent or received them. There is a link in to your case tracker from your Pay As You Go Divorce main page.

Are there other payment options available?
Yes - you can pay everything up front or spread payments over 3 payments - just get in touch to ask for details.


* Assessing the amount of the fees remission:- We should point out that although we can do this according to the system used by the court the amount of remission they give is up to them so if they interpret your earnings in a different way then they may change the amount of the remissions. In such case we would adjust the amount of your monthly payments accordingly.