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Children Issues

Child Care and Social Services:

What to do if Social Services get involved

You may find yourself involved with Social Services if they have concerns about your children or believe that you require assistance in order to provide safe and appropriate care.

It is important to know that if their concerns are so great then the Local Authority has the ability to issue care proceedings and potentially seek:-
- the removal of your children from your care
- or alternatively an order to allow them to befriend and assist with the Courts involvement.

It usually follows that you would be required to take part in assessments before the Court would be able to make a decision about your childrens' long term care.

Complex Area

This is a complex area of law and it is important that you seek specialist advice regarding social services involvement at the earliest opportunity.

This can be a very difficult and distressing time and here at Fidler & Pepper we have a dedicated and friendly team who can help you in these matters.

If you have a query you can contact us by email care@fidler.co.uk or by telephone on 01623 451111.

We hold a legal aid contract and if you have received a ‘’letter before action’’ or the Local Authority have already issued proceedings you will automatically be entitled to legal aid.

If however, you a family member (not a parent) and wish to put yourself forward as a potential carer we would need to carry out an assessment of your means to establish whether you would be entitled to legal aid.

For further information please contact our Care department.

We offer a first 30 minute FREE consultation and 8:30am and 5pm appointment times.