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Change of name

Change of Name:

Changing an adult's or child's name by a Change of Name Deed


If you wish to be known by another name you can change your name at any time providing it is not intended to deceive or defraud another person.  You can officially change your name by a Change of Name Deed which is a legal document enabling you to formally change your name and is often referred to a Deed Poll.


Change an Adults name

For an adult you would need to provide us with evidence of your identity and details of the change of name so that we can draft up the appropriate deed for a signature. This is a very straightforward process.

Change a Child's name
For a child it is a little more complicated and requires the agreement of both parents. If there is a argument over a change in the child's name then matters may need to be negotiated and ultimately a court application may be required. If there is a dispute it is possible subject to eligibility that the costs may be met by Legal Aid (public funding).

We can prepare a Change of Name Deed for a fixed fee.  For more information please contact our family department or call us on 01623 45 11 11.

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