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Family Law:

Divorce, Separation, Children, Finances

We can help when things go wrong

When you have trouble in your family life it can hit at the very heart of who you are and what you do. At a time like this there is so much to do that you sometimes have no idea where to start. We can help by giving you practical advice on where to go from here.

When a couple break up there are so many different things that need to be sorted out - Children (where they live and how often they see each parent), living arrangements generally, joint property, finances, changing your Will, possibly changing your name, and in some circumstances dealing with domestic violence.

Our Family team have many years of experience in dealing with all these issues. Whether you want a quick chat to find out your rights or you need urgent action to seek an injunction, then please do not hesitate to contact our family department. We offer a first 30 minute FREE consultation and 8:30am and 5pm appointment times.

If you are intending to rely on Legal Aid for your family matter please Click here.


Divorce & Separation

We you split up, the divorce itself is actually only one part of the whole process - dealing with Matrimonial Finances and children can actually take up more time - we can help with all of that.

We have pulled together all the things you need to think of when you are considering divorce

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Unmarried Couples

The law doesn't treat unmarried couples in the same way as married couples. The rules are often completely different and can produce unfair results.

We've pulled together the same issues for unmarried couples (including financial issues and children) so you can see clearly what your rights are

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Pay As You Go Divorce

This is a totally new service launched in 2012 and we are the first law firm in the country to launch it.

The name is pretty descriptive and it works in a similar way to a Pay As You Go mobile phone. It basically allows you to spread the cost of the divorce over 10 equal payments. You manage the payments yourself online; you pay by paypal, and you get reminders by SMS text and email.

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LiveTrack - Live Case Tracker

How would you like to be able to check everything that is happening on your case as it happens?

With our LiveTrack case tracker you can do just that - you can see every single document, step, note, and reminder on your case as soon as they happen. It's like sitting next to us at our desk.

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