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Human Resources

Human Resources Management:

HR Services - Fidler & Pepper HR Service

With our cost effective HR and Employment Service we can help you with all your people needs as we know from experience running a business and employing staff can be complex, without the added pressure of keeping on top of employment legislation and adhering to the current laws. This has become a real nightmare in recent years and applies to your business even if you only have a one or two members of staff.

HR Issues

These are some of the "hot topics" that have come to light in recent years
  • Age Discrimination
    - the rules on this changed in 2006 - are you familiar with them?
  • Work and families
    -Maternity leave, Paternity leave , Flexible working - do you know what you can and can't do?
  • Holiday entitlement
    This changed in 2007 and again in 2009 - do you know what you should be offering?

More HR Issues...

And still they keep coming...
  • Disciplinary procedures
    - This is a real minefield - do you know what information you're meant to give to your employees?
  • Redundancy Management
    - The recession has meant this has become reality for many businesses - once again it is a legal minefield as failure to do things correctly can end up costing you a fortune


Are you confident that all your internal HR procedures and documents are OK? Do you know that they comply with the current legislation?

How would you like the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all your procedures and documents have been checked? That's where the HR healthcheck comes in - we can check all your systems for a fixed fee and advice on sensible corrective action where necessary.

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HR Portal

Not only can we help when things go wrong - we're now delighted to be able to help stop them going wrong in the first place with our HR Portal

It puts all the tools for running the HR side of your business into one place

It then backs this up with practical support as and when you need it

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