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Accident and Injury :

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the questions and urban myths that we've either been asked or we've seen in the newspapers in relation to accident and injury claims.

If you've got any specific questions then you can use the 'Get in touch' link near the top of this page'

If you think you might have a claim and you want us to assess your particular case that's not a problem - go to our 'personal injury claim online' page and we'll get back to you within 1 working day with a 'no obligation' assessment of whether or not you've got a case

How much does this cost?
If you win, the other side will be ordered to pay most of your legal costs. You may have to pay towards your legal costs but this will be no more than 25% of your compensation. If you lose, you will not have to pay anything.

Who should I use?
An experienced Lawyer - no question there at all. Use us - we would like that.

If you don't use us that fine - everyone has the right of choice - but if you use someone else please make sure they are suitably qualified and that you have access to a partner and solicitor any time you want to. That is what you will get from us. No questions asked.

Make sure keep their promise to call you back. Some people make these promises and then don't keep them. Even if we don't know the answer to your question we call you back. When we get the answer we phone you back. If you have to phone again we know we have failed because we should be chasing you not the other way around. We know you worry, and we want to take that worry away.

How much is my finger worth?
Which finger - every webpage I have seen tries to hook people into using them by quoting a figure, usually by copying it from another page and hoping if they put a big figure there they will get the work.

The answer varies - a thumb is worth more than a finger and a middle finger is worth more than your little finger - a missing finger is worth more than a broken finger and if you lose your index finger how are you going to pick your nose?

We won't kid you by telling you huge figures and then settling for less a later stage. Ring us and we tell you straight - we won't really know until a medical report comes in - but nor will anyone else.

What if someone falls over on my land?
Shout "get off my land" very loudly and run away. When that doesn't work go up to them and offer help and assistance. It's the right and proper thing to do - If you fell on someone else's land that's what you would expect.

The legal point here is the people who own land or property have a duty of care to people visiting. If someone calls to see you and gets radiation sickness from the weapons grade plutonium you're keeping in your front room then potentially you could sue them for this.

If you own the property then you should be covered on your household insurance (but doubtful for the plutonium....) which should cover the cost of injury. Similarly if you fall and hurt yourself on someone else's land you may be able to sue them (if it was at least partly their fault that you fell).

On a practical note if you do fall and hurt yourself on someone's land, ask them who they are and where they live. Ask them for assistance to get medical help and for a contact number. Go and seek that medical help and then call us afterwards - we will tell you the answers quickly in a call or if we cannot we tell you we can't and find out and ring you back.

The other guy wasn't insured
This happens. It's nasty and wrong when it happens. There are ways around this in some cases but not all cases.

In accidents involving cars, including pedestrian accidents, there is a scheme called the Motor Insurers Bureau (the MIB - forget the slimy aliens film, or if you haven't seen it go and get it and watch it as its quite good).

This exists to ensure that drivers without insurance (and that can happen just by mistake) are presented by a nominated insurance company who settles the case against them, if the case should be settled.

A similar scheme applies for "hit and run" cases (the Untraced Drivers Scheme) - if you are an injury victim of a motor accident that was someone's else fault, then this scheme sorts out your case for you.

These cases are hard to do (not as hard as catching the slimy alien thing in the film), but they need expertise. Ring us and we will deal with it for you.

If it's a workplace accident, slipping accident or any other and they are not insured then sadly you are suing the person or organisation themselves. And that's not always fun.

Every Lawyer out there will tell you that winning a case is sometimes easier than getting the compensation paid (if the other side are not insured).

But ring us anyway - it's amazing what can be done with experience and persistence and sometimes we find a way round these problems.
He drove into me on purpose
Actually he probably didn't do it on purpose - he might not have been paying attention, reading a map, sleeping or looking at someone. However he did it, it wasn't right and you deserve compensation.

Phone us on 0845 9011 960 and speak to Russell Jones or Rebecca Brough - we'll give you fair and free advice - guaranteed.
I drove into the back of some who had stopped
Ring us and explain why you think it was not your fault. If it was your fault we will tell you. If it wasn't we will fight for your right to compensation and a fair deal.

We have offices in Sutton-in-Ashfield and Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Send us details of your injury claim online and we will give you a free assessment.