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Motorway Widening - Traffic Noise Compensation

I hate road noise but love driving cars. So what's that all about?

Well it isn't funny if you live along the M1 corridor in the East Midlands (Junction 25-28), especially over the last few years as you will have experienced the noise from the road widening, which thankfully has now finished.

The government has a scheme for compensating for the effects caused. That might mean the cost of fitting double or even triple glazing or other measures to reduce the effects, or just plain money, if it can be proved that the scheme has caused a decrease in the value of your property.

The works were finished in May 2010 and you have to wait a year until after the works have finished in order to submit your claim. Further claims for vibration, smell, fumes, smoke, artificial lighting and even solid or liquid being discharged onto your property might cause you problems.

If you have been affected by noise pollution, what should you do? Give me a call, Russell Jones on 01623 45 1111, as it's a good idea to speak to personal injury lawyer who can give you advice on claiming compensation. I've also blogged about it

First dates for lodging claims for the M1 widening in Nottingham are May 2011, unless you are selling (or granting a new lease of ) your house when you can lodge your claim earlier.

Additionally, if you have had problems with road schemes requiring compulsory purchase I can assist with this as well as we work with local experts in this field, we have had considerable success with these schemes.

email us about your claim now.

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