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Continuing on from our Home Page, when you are 'means assessed' the Local Authority starts by looking at your income.

If you can afford to pay for your care through your income, then your other assets will be left alone.

But if you cannot afford to pay that way (and how many people can afford to pay £604 per week when they aren’t able to work?!?), then the Local Authority will start to look at your ‘capital’ – your savings and property(s) and other assets.This is, with a few exceptions, everything else that you own, including your share in a joint bank account for example, and of course your share in your home.

If you have over £23,250 in capital, then you are self funding – which means you must pay for your care, in whatever way you can agree with the Local Authority. This can be entirely from your capital, or partly from capital and partly from income.

If you have between £14,250 and £23,250, then you will have to provide all of your income towards the fees, plus also a ‘tariff income’ payment from your capital assets. The Local Authority will fund the rest of the care fees.

If you have less than £14,250, then you only have to contribute via your income.