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Conveyancing Quote

It's a real pain trying to get a conveyancing quote online - you often end up with middle-men saying they've got conveyancers waiting for you, or you get a rubbish site that doesn't explain what the figures all mean.
Our system is different - we've got plain english explanations of what everything means and you can customise the quote on-screen to reflect your personal circumstances.

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Without a Will

Do you want to decide what happens to your belongings when you die, or would you rather leave it up to politicians to decide?!
If you don't make a will then that is what you are doing - if you die without a Will your belongings are distributed according to a set of rules laid down by Parliament.

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Client Feedback

We take customer feedback very seriously and ask every client at the end of every case to let us know how we did. We then act on the feedback we get - passing on praise on the good ones and trying to learn from the bad ones.

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