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Wills, Probate, and Trusts:

Taking care of what matters

Deciding what you want to happen to your possessions after you're gone is one of the most important decisions we make - yet far too few of us have made a will. Look at our Will Home Page for everything you ever needed to know about making a will - and then make yours

Probate involves wrapping up someone's estate after they have passed on. It can obviously be a very traumatic time for everyone involved - not helped by the fact that you also have to get to grips with confusing legal jargon. To help with this we have prepared our Probate Home Page which should answer all your questions about this emotional process. It will never be an easy process to go through but we believe a bit of knowledge about the process can help to reduce the stresses involved

Mental Capacity and powers of attorney
Powers of attorney are often used to help people that are no longer able to look after their own affairs. In certain cases a Deputyship Order can also be made. Our Mental Capacity and Powers of Attorney page answers all your questions on this complex subject.

Everything you need to know about Wills

We've tried to pull together all our advice on wills onto one page. It deals with why you should make a will, what happens if you don't and how the various types of will actually work

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Grant of Probate

Everything you need to know about grants of probate (including what it actually means!), letters of administration, and our new Online Grant system

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Trusts can mean a lot of different thing to different people in different circumstances.

We've tried to pull through some examples of how we've used trusts to help our clients.

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Powers of Attorney

When people are in danger of being unable to look after their affairs any more a power of attorney can be just the solution you are looking for. This section deals with all the questions you might have about Powers of Attorney, mental capacity, and deputyship orders

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