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The Directors

The shocking truth, in depth life stories, contact details, photos, and everything! (Well, the photos, anyway)...

In the name of common decency we have withheld photographs from the site for as long as possible, feeling that this could simply be too disturbing for some visitors. Unfortunately, we could prevent this no more, and photographs have now crept into this site. Those of a nervous disposition should immediately return to our home page. Stronger characters may feel brave enough to look below, but we accept no liability for prolonged viewing of the following shocking images.

Jo Godson
Jo Godson.
Jo. Joanne has worked alongside her fellow Directors here at Fidler and Pepper as a HR Consultant for 15 years before joining as a Director.

Jo has built her career in HR around her passion for working with people within organisations, starting at the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham where she completed her professional qualifications before working for Coats Viyella.

Born in 1970, Joanne grew up dreaming of being a police officer but sadly was not able to pursue this as she was a good 8 inches short of the minimum height requirement at the time! Joanne has always had a passion for sport and played ladies and mixed hockey well in to her twenties which is how she met her husband Simon.

Jo has twin boys who are both passionate and talented sportsman and a fanatical horse riding daughter so has spent many hours on the sideline of a football pitch or mucking out stables! As a member of the local Rock Choir, Jo can officially say she has gigged at Wembley.

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Richard Howard LL.B. (Hons) Maitrise
Born in 1981, Richard qualified as a solicitor in 2010 on April Fool's Day (I'm saying nothing). First official grey hair - 2nd April 2010. In his dim and murky past he spent two years living in Paris studying for a Masters in French Law (That's what 'Maitrise' means) and is currently a member of Private Client section of the Law Society.

Richard is a keen sportsman, and plays several sports particularly football, and watches most sports to a fairly fanatical degree.

He also loves travel and lists some of the 'ticked- off' items on his bucket list as swimming with Dolphins in the ocean off Hawaii, watching the sun go down from the top of the Rockefeller Centre in New York, going on Safari in South Africa, and surviving more than one night out in Sutton-in-Ashfield.

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Richard Howard
Mat Slade
Matt Slade LL.B.
Proud, tired father Matt Slade was born in 1970. Brother of Mark, he qualified as a solicitor in 1993, and became a partner in 1997. Since joining the firm he has been involved with the matrimonial department then evolved into a Conveyancing Solicitor and is now responsible for the whole conveyancing department with a penchant for business development.

He supports Nottingham Forest FC to a fanatical degree and has played cricket at County level (he forced me to add this bit). He enjoys running and entering 10k races and beating his friends and gloating (ah bless) . He also enjoys days in the Countryside with his wife and daughters, Katie and Charlotte.

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Mark Slade LL.B.
Mark Slade, Managing Partner, was born in 1963, on the day country singer Patsy Cline died in a plane crash (how obscure is that link!) . He qualified as a solicitor in 1989, and became a partner in 1990. Up until 1999 he ran the Domestic Conveyancing department. In 1999 he gave up the conveyancing side to concentrate on running the web business.

In April 2002 he took over as Managing Partner. Conveyancing is run with the aid of a Case management system he helped to write, supplied by Select Legal Systems Limited (Tel 01482 644334). Previously he ran a consultancy service offering software customisation to other legal firms.

He programs in Unix Shell Script, html, Coldfusion, Javascript, and most recently Jquery. If that means nothing to you then you are probably a normal human being.
He splits his time between running the business and developing new programs to help clients and/or help the business.

Mark wants to travel the world, meet all kinds of interesting people and be kind to small furry animals.

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Mark Slade
Wendy Walker
Wendy Walker
Known as the “Office Mum”, Wendy is the latest Director but has been part of the Fidler and Pepper family since leaving school in 1981. Wendy runs the show for our rapidly growing Conveyancing Department and is very passionate about the Customers but also the staff.

Wendy is the proud real life Mum of two now strapping young men, but still misses spending Sunday mornings freezing her toes off on the sidelines of a football pitch, and shouting a bit too loudly when her boys team scores.

Wendy is a strong believer in our core values and manages her team with warmth, understanding and a little bit of fun and keeps the staff amused with her slightly out of tune singing voice and a smile on her face.

The latest addition to Wendy's family is Peanut, a naughty Puppy that keeps Wendy occupied and her cupboards stocked up with cleaning products.
Wendy enjoys spending time with her family, a good movie, a glass of gin or two and the occasional spa day.

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