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What Can I Do?

The short answer is that you should take some advice, and as early as possible.

Certain types of assets are automatically exempt from care fees, and cannot be included in a Local Authority means assessment.

An excellent example, and something that lots of people are concerned about, is your property.

The value of your property is ignored if:
1. Your spouse, civil partner or partner lives there, or if your estranged or divorced partner, who is a lone parent, lives there; or
2. A close relative continues to live there who is:
- incapacitated (so, they receive or would qualify for a disability benefit);
- a child you are responsible for under the age of 18; or
- aged 60 or over.

A ‘close relative’ means anything from a parent, son or daughter, to a partner of a nephew or niece. So in some situations your home can be safe without doing anything. For a lot of people, their home is their main asset, and so if that were to be disregarded then it would go a long way.

There are lots of schemes and ideas out there that try to do more than this, but please see our FAQ page for more information on this. If you take good advice, and at as early a stage as possible, then there might be options available to you. So if you are concerned about care fees please get in touch, and we can give you more detailed advice specifically tailored to your situation.