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Care Homes- Everything you need to know:

This is such a sensitive area of law, and it creates very strong reactions.

There are also a lot of Chinese whispers about it, so we hope that these pages clear some of that up.

This is intended as a very basic guide, and there is an awful lot more to this subject. So please contact us for specific advice if you need it.

The Current Situation

There will be some changes in April 2020. We don’t have all the information at the moment, but please see this page for what we do know.

That being said, this is the situation as it stands. If you need nursing care, then you might have to pay for it. According to a recent market survey, the average cost of residential care in England was £604 per week, so the care fees could total around £310,000 for 10 years of care. We will discuss the financial parts to care fees in more detail here.

However, you could be assessed as requiring ‘Continuing Care. This means that your care will be free, regardless of your financial situation. For this, the NHS must deem you to have what they call a ‘primary health need’, have a complex medical condition, and substantial and ongoing care needs. If you are not assessed as requiring Continuing Care, then you are ‘means assessed’. This means that the Local Authority will look at your money, your income, your capital, your assets, and then see what you can afford to pay.


We all know you might have to pay for your care, but how do you know if you have to pay?

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The Future - April 2020

Have you heard about the changes? What's the cap you keep hearing about? Read about it here.

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What Can I Do

It sounds scary and expensive, but is it as bad as you think? Get some tips here.

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FAQ's and Myths

I can give my house to my kids and avoid the whole problem can't I? Find out the truth here.

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