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Probate - Everything you need to know:

When a person dies, someone needs to wrap up their affairs. Normally this involves gathering in their assets (e.g. getting money out of bank accounts, selling shares and property etc), paying off any outstanding debts, and then distributing the estate (if they left a Will it should be distributed according to that will; if not then there are rules that decide who should get what).

Personal Representatives (sometimes called “PRs”) are responsible for dealing with the affairs of the deceased (PRs are also known as Executors - if there was a Will; or Administrators - if there wasn't a Will or if the original Executors names in the Will can't act)

One of the first things that the PRs need to do is to obtain a Grant of Representation (that expression covers the situation with and without a will. If there was a Will then it's known as a Grant of Probate; if no will then it's called a Grant of Letters of Administration. The phrase Grant of Representation covers both)

The Grant of Representation is a sort of official certificate that says you are entitled to handle things on behalf of the deceased. For more detailed information about obtaining a Grant of Representation look at our beginners guide to Probate, or see or the FAQ.

Probate - beginners guide

Quite understandably most people have no idea of how you obtain a Grant of Probate, how long it takes and what you use it for. This page sets out to answer all those questions - including dealing with grants of letters of administra tion

We've also got a summary of the different types of probate services we offer

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Probate FAQ

This page tries to mop up all the things not covered in our Probate Beginners guide including a jargon-buster - explaining some of the confusing terms that are used when deal with grants of probate and letters of administration

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Estate Disputes

Unfortunately at times of crisis, such as losing a loved one, long-standing problems within the family can come to a head. There are situations where the distribution of an estate can be challenged

This page provides a summary of what can and can't be done, and how we can help

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Grant of Probate Online

This is a new service and is coming soon. It will allow you to obtain the Grant of Probate online yourself - we will then submit the forms off to the probate registry on your behalf - saving you the need to attend the probate registry for an interview.