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Wills - everything you need to know

Making a Will is one of the most important things you can do. But it can be seen as a depressing thing to talk about, a complicated process or an unnecessary expense – so we put it off.

But making one can actually be quite simple when you have the right help. We’ve been making Wills for our clients since 1888 (which is quite a long time) so we know exactly what we’re doing. We can all find plenty of reasons to put off making a Will, but here are a few reasons not to.

If you don't have a Will you don’t have a say

The law (and not you) will decide where your money goes and it’s not always to your partner or even your children as you might assume. You can read more on this here or see our Frequently Asked Questions about Wills.

It costs more to correct mistakes than to make one properly in the first place

Sorting out an error in a Will can cost thousands. By our reckoning, making a Will at home saves around £80, but balanced against the risk of serious expense if it goes wrong, is it worth it?

One Will doesn’t fit all

There are different types of Wills to suit your needs, depending on your financial and family situation. If you’ve been married more than once or have children with different partners, we can make sure all your children benefit fairly.

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