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Without A Will:

What happens if you have no Will?

If you die without a Will your belongings are distributed according to a set of rules laid down by Parliament. Please note that this is a general representation of the state of the law at the time this list was composed. If you want further details about any matters here you should contact Richard Howard for further information.

If you are married...
Check If Yes... If No...
1. Is your estate worth more than £250,000? See step 2. Everything goes to the spouse
2. Do you have children? Spouse gets £250,000 plus 50% of the rest. The balance goes to the Children Everything goes to the spouse
If you are not married...
Do you have... If Yes... If No...
1. Children? Shared equally amongst children See step 2.
2. Parents? Shared equally between parents See step 3.
3. Brothers & Sisters? Shared equally between brothers and sisters See step 4.
4. Grandparents? Shared equally between grandparents See step 5.
5. Uncles & Aunts? Shared equally between uncles and aunts See step 6.
6. None of the above? It's complicated! But Everything might end up going to the Crown